Calvin Limuel

musician. composer. producer.

About me

Solo Piano at Harvard Medical for Indonesian independence day.


Calvin Limuel is a musician, composer, and producer, based in Boston. A multi-instrumentalist, he primarily plays Piano and Drums, but he also regularly sings and performs on Contrabass, Bass Guitar, Pipe/Hammond Organ, Vibraphones, Violin, and Guitar on various situations and occasions. Mainly a Jazz musician, but his works and musical experiences run along the lines of Gospel/CCM, Rock, Electronic Music, R&B, Latin American, and more.

Calvin is a recent graduate of Berklee College of Music ('16), perfected his performing craft under many different teachers such as Jason Palmer, Dennis Montgomery III, Ralph Peterson, Jr., Skip Smith, Kevin Harris, Neal Smith, Ray Santisi, Kenny Werner, Vadim Neselovsky, Ron Mahdi, JoAnne Brackeen, Dave Fiuczynski. He has also studied with some of Berklee's best educators on composition and production such as Ayn Inserto, Joe Carrier, Daniel Ian Smith. He takes influences from a diverse range of musicians, including his teachers, but the most influential ones would be Chick Corea, bassist Avishai Cohen, Robert Glasper, and Vijay Iyer.

Currently, Calvin performs at various venues and for various events. Most notably, he is a regular jam session host at the historic Wally's Café, one of the oldest Jazz club in Boston. He keeps himself busy performing and recording with different projects; progressive rock band Ozean Skye, R&B/Smooth Jazz band SkyBridge; without forgetting his own personal endeavors in original/contemporary Jazz, alt/art Rock, electronic music, and Gospel.

With naturally analytical and explorative mind, Calvin develops his musical sensitivity through good grasp of musical theory, compositional approaches, and perfect pitch, without sacrificing his sensibility. He keeps his mind sharp by nerding through subjects like languages/linguistics, world history, philosophical discourses, and computer technology.

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